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Common problems in the production process of paper bag machine, if you want to run the paper bag machine stably, it must be indispensable.



  The outstanding advantage of the food paper bag machine is that the produced food paper bag is non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting, and because of the good printing performance of the paper, the graphic text can be printed according to the requirements of the user.  It is  ideal for food bags such as  chestnut bags, fried chicken bags, hamburger bags, hand cake bags, small  meat  balls, sugar gourd bags  , and beef jerky bags.


  1. Standard question: In the past, the standard of manual paste bag was not uniform, one person and one method, one person and one standard, and the portable paper bag machine effectively solved this problem through the combination of mechanical and electrical control modes.

  2, the benefits of the problem: pure hand-paste bag, the amount of people used, the amount of glue is large, the adhesion is not strong, the efficiency is low; the portable paper bag machine came out, first of all, it is difficult to recruit workers now, the workers' wages are high, and the amount of glue is saved. According to the calculation of 10,000 bags per day, it is possible to save one machine money in one year. At the same time, after the bag is finished, mechanical compression is used to effectively prevent the glue from sticking.

  Because the plastic bag is more serious to the environment, and because it will release carcinogens when it is hot, it is now popular with paper bags. Nowadays, some snacks are packed in paper bags, and its decoration is also strong. The paper bag has now become a decoration.

  Many people like paper bags very much, one is for environmental protection, and the other is that paper bags are also very beautiful and very fashionable.  With the popularity of paper bags, the paper bag machine has been improved in many aspects, and now the performance of the paper bag machine has been greatly improved.  The previous paper bag machine has a manual work done by hand, but now the paper bag machine is different, all the processes are fully automatic, no matter whether you are making or sticking, it is all automatic people. No need to do anything.  This has brought a lot of profits to the company and saved the company a lot of manpower.

The paper bag machine works very fast. There are so many paper bags produced in one day that it can fully meet the set production goals and will exceed the production target. At the time of production, pay attention to the operation of the paper bag machine, observe whether he is working normally, because there are some minor problems in the paper bag opportunity, there will be no serious things, but if not found in time, the accumulation of time will cause Serious things, so don't take it lightly, don't want serious things to happen, then you should pay attention to some details in normal times. After only running out, the plug of the paper bag machine should be removed, which not only saves electricity costs, but also prolongs the service life of the paper bag machine.